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We are excited to announce that the Drupal Association, along with key community volunteers, has selected a designer for DrupalCon Latin America!

About a week ago, our DrupalCon Latin American selection team reached out to the community for RFP submissions. We received a number of colorful, lively and fun submissions from several regions, and had a wonderful time evaluating each proposal. Thank you to all who submitted thoughtful and exciting work.

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Here is the much awaited blog post to consider our options for the location of our 2015 Latin American DrupalCon. While we have looked at the pros and cons for two locations, we want you to weigh in and tell us what you think!

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It’s official! According to the project usage stats, Drupal has more than a million sites (1,005,489 as of February 15) live and in production on the web. Here is a link to the press release.

This number under-reports reality because the project usage stats only record those sites that are running the update status module. As a result, not all Drupal sites are counted and only a fraction of sites running versions older than 6.0 are counted. For more information on how project usage stats are counted, visit the usage statistics page.

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We’ve been talking a lot about Drupal partnerships lately here at the Drupal Association, because we know that it’s a great way to help the Drupal community come together— and it’s also a great way to get noticed.

There are several options for supporting the Drupal Association and one of them is designed specifically for Drupal businesses: Supporting Partner.

When you become a supporting partner, your contribution goes straight to

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Though DrupalCon Latin America - Bogotá, Colombia is just under a year away, we’re already getting the ball rolling on planning and organization— and we need your help!

We’re issuing a formal RFP asking all interested parties to participate. As with every other DrupalCon, we’re seeking visually striking designs that showcase the Bogotá community, as well as the Drupal Community.



  • Architect

    Per recent decision in the core issue queue, Drupal core will use a semantic versioning system (3-digit version numbers, e.g. 8.0.1, 8.2.0, etc.) starting with Drupal 8. This means that significant parts of the infrastructure will need to be adjusted to support the new versioning system.

  • Architect

    The primary database server experienced a crash due to a full disk earlier today around 6:59am PST (14:59 UTC). The Nagios monitoring system which normally alerts us to prevent these outages had also crashed and failed to send any notices of a problem to the infrastructure team...

  • CEO

    DrupalCon exhibitors, who have been asking for it for some time. We know that lead retrieval has been used before at DrupalCon and it raised some concerns among attendees...


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